How Seer Interactive switched from weekly checks to real-time monitoring with ContentKing

Seer Interactive is a digital marketing agency with offices in Philadelphia and San Diego as well as a sizable remote team. Their team of over 200 people focuses on a wide variety of areas including SEO, Technical SEO, Analytics, Paid Media, Data Strategy, and more.

Seer Interactive's achievements:

Used Alerts and avoided 100% of the key pages being removed from SERPs
Earned more trust from their customers, thanks to real-time monitoring
Saved significant time and boosted effectivity

Seer Interactive (opens in a new tab) is a digital marketing agency with offices in Philadelphia and San Diego as well as a sizable remote team. When Wil Reynolds founded Seer in 2002, it was a one-person search firm.

Today, their team of over 200 people strives for a leading position in the marketing industry. They focus on a wide variety of areas including SEO, Technical SEO, Analytics, Paid Media, Data Strategy, and more.

The challenge

Like many SEO professionals, the SEO teams in Seer Interactive were performing weekly audits for their clients' websites. After some incidents that largely affected their clients' sites, they realized this reactive approach left them vulnerable to changes and issues that arose between scheduled crawls.

The solution

That's when Katelyn Sidley, Technical SEO Manager at Seer Interactive, discovered ContentKing. Its real-time nature let them adopt the proactive approach they needed and immediately detected issues that might have otherwise gone unaddressed until the next weekly crawl.

ContentKing has been great in giving us visibility into changes on our clients sites in real time! We are able to discover problems like noindex tags and others BEFORE experiencing the drop in our client's traffic.

Real-time Alerts freed the team up to devote more resources to improving their clients’ websites rather than constantly checking to make sure nothing had changed for the worse.

It also gave them the peace of mind that when something did change, they would be able to stay one step ahead of the search engines.

With ContentKing we know that we have an automatic set of eyes that watchdogs any large-scale changes for us.

The results

Katelyn and her team happily reported that ContentKing was able to catch a number of serious issues, including title tags being completely removed, sitemap changes and edited canonicals leading to pages suddenly becoming non-indexable.

Kateyln and her team find numerous benefits in using ContentKing.

The benefits of using ContentKing are numerous:

1. Avoiding 100% of the traffic being removed from SERPs

ContentKing monitors websites 24/7 and sends out intelligent alerts whenever it detects something that deserves attention. Katelyn remembered a situation where alerts saved their client from 100% of the pages with traffic being removed from SERPs.

The way ContentKing batches alerts is really helpful for identifying template-level or site-wide changes. Its ability to customize segments and add in additional data adds up to significant time savings as well.

Now the team at Seer Interactive is able to react to issues before search engines notice and fix them before any harm is done.

2. Earning more trust from customers

The ability to immediately react to any detected change or issue on the website has also fostered more trust from their clients. They rest easier now, knowing that the team at Seer Interactive has their back.

In one instance, a change happened on the site that affected 24% of our client’s monthly traffic. ContentKing alerted us right away.

3. Significant time savings and effectivity boost

ContentKing wasn't the only platform the team was testing, but it was the one that delivered unique features they could leverage.

It not only collects tremendous amounts of useful data, it also puts that information at your fingertips in a clear, actionable way.

ContentKing took us from about a 20 hour/week initiative to about 9 hours. And we actually have even more insight into a wider range of items that changed on the site now.

It's the combination of constantly having full situational awareness and being alerted before damage is done that makes ContentKing a no-brainer for professional SEO teams like Seer Interactive.

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